Antipsychotics are the bane of my life

I have been taking antipsychotics on and off for 4 years. My relationship with them is rather love hate but the love more of a needs must if anything else. As a bit of background, I typically take them when an episode gets really bad, stay on them for a while then come off them... Continue Reading →


Pressing Post

I came across some advice for writers and it has re inspired me to put my deepest thoughts out there for the world to read and also reminded me how much I loved pushing my boundaries on what I was and was not prepared to share. Anyhow the advice went like this, 'the thing you... Continue Reading →

Sharing your diagnosis

It occurred to me like a light bulb that most of the people in my life have been in it for a bloody long time! So with the length of time granted to each of these relationships it becomes very clear that these people have watched me grow, gotten to know me ridiculously well, seen... Continue Reading →

The Dark Side

My brain has been doing a fantastic job at making me feel fearful at a lot of stuff I know normally wouldn’t make me bat an eyelid recently. Again. My god. Again. Meh. It kind of creeps in at first. I kind of ignore it. Still getting my head around this. And before I know... Continue Reading →

To B Or Not To B

After reading around the internet for a while it’s come to my attention that not me personally but a lot of people with the B have been asked “if there was a cure for Bipolar Disorder would you take it?” So I am going to answer that question for me. The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!... Continue Reading →

Still Growing Balls

I must have been really naïve before to think I had this all in order. Because I don’t. In fact I’m finding I know pretty little about this ‘illness’. Maybe I was in denial or maybe I just brushed it off my shoulder like it didn’t really matter, because hey I’ve always been this way!... Continue Reading →


Although my bipolar diagnosis has been some what a relief I have been wondering where I end and the bipolar starts or vice versa. I thought I had been pretty clear on my personal personality traits and what was more because of the bipolar but as I have been educating myself further on the illness... Continue Reading →

Nobody Knows

Nobody will ever 100% know what is or has been in my head, or how hard it can be to even put into words how I feel. Sometimes there are no words for it, just silence. Deafening silence. The kind of silence that isn’t welcome. Sometimes my mind goes 90mph, my skin is crawling, and... Continue Reading →

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